Upekkha means equanimity. It is the art of maintaining balance even while the world around you is chaotic.

This retreat purposefully incorporates movement and strength training, meditation and a series of workshops that help strengthen resilience and awaken the you that is durable, loving, creative and innovative.

Elaine Porcher

Founder/Retreat Curator

Elaine Porcher is a seasoned leadership development pivot coach with a passion for guiding individuals and communities toward realizing their full potential. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Elaine specializes in fostering environments where humans flourish and step into their leadership with confidence.

Coaching Philosophy:
Elaine’s coaching style is characterized by empathy and a deep understanding of her clients as capable creatives. Her belief that everyone possesses the inherent answers within themselves forms the cornerstone of her approach. She takes joy in coaching when clients experience the magic of putting the pieces of their personal puzzle together, akin to the satisfaction of solving an intricate equation or completing an expert round of Wheel of Fortune.

Positive Psychology Practitioner:
As a Positive Psychology practitioner, Elaine seamlessly integrates scientific principles into her coaching. Drawing on elements such as growth mindset, strengths developer and the concept of flow, she empowers clients to apply these insights to everyday situations. Elaine understands the science behind human flourishing, goal setting, and being one’s best self, making the world a more understandable place for her clients.

Mindfulness Practitioner:
With over two decades of mindfulness meditation practice, Elaine extends her expertise to facilitating workshops on the brain science behind a thriving mindfulness practice. For her, mindfulness is not confined to the cushion but serves as a practical tool supporting individuals through the stress and challenges of daily life.

Purpose-Driven Workshops:
For more than 20 years, Elaine has been at the forefront of facilitating workshops and activities designed to help individuals step into their leadership. Her commitment to personal and professional development has been instrumental in creating positive change in the lives of many. Elaine finds purpose in assisting others to recognize their potential, leveraging innate strengths to move forward confidently.

Fun, Introspective, and Digestible Workshops:
Elaine’s workshops are a testament to her unique talent for making learning both fun and introspective. Packed with digestible information, her sessions are engaging and transformative. Participants walk away feeling valued and empowered, with the belief that they can achieve anything they commit effort into.

Curiosity-Driven Journey:
Elaine’s own journey of self-discovery fuels her deep curiosity about people’s stories and what makes them tick. Observing, assessing, and questioning are integral to her mission, and she finds great reward in supporting others on their journey of growth and self-discovery.

In essence, Elaine Porcher is not just a coach but a guide, mentor, and catalyst for positive change, helping individuals unlock their full potential and step into their greatness.

“We can never obtain peace in the outer
world until and unless we obtain peace within

– Dalai Lama